Mac Training
After you've purchased your new Mac, be sure to learn how to best use your new device with our training courses and 1-on-1 instruction.

Who is this Course for?

This class is for anyone who just purchased a new Apple computer, or has an Apple computer and is still not comfortable with their machine. If you have questions about using OS X Leopard, our "Mac-U" class will teach you the fundamentals of using your Mac effectively and enjoyably.

What You Will Learn

Mac basics. You will be thought how easy it is to launch programs, find files, access the Internet, print and more using Finder, Desktop, Spotlight and fun tricks to help you learn to enjoy your Mac. This course is made up of four, one-hour classes and will be followed by a Q & A session after each class.

How Are The Classes Organized?

4, 1 hour sessions $100 (classroom setting), $240 (1 on1)

Class 1 - Get to Know your Mac (First Saturday of every month from 9-10 am)

This is the very basics of what makes up your Mac and the things you should have done the first day you brought your Mac home. If you also want your Mac to just work then you need to make sure you can take care of it. Learn to handle it, care for it and be aware of potential risks. Last we will review what you see every time you Log In.

Class 2 – OS Basics (Second Saturday of every month from 9-10 am)

This class gets you up to speed on what makes the Mac operating system one of the most user friendly on the market and how to make it work in harmony with your personal needs and style.

Class 3 – Applications (Third Saturday of every month from 9-10 am)

Every new Mac comes with over 20 applications preinstalled. Learn how to use the software Apple designed specifically for you and your machine. These apps. will allow you to do everything from Word Processing to Surfing the Internet and more.

Class 4 – iLife (Fourth Saturday of every month from 9-10 am)

Get started making the most out of the media, photos, movies, and music on your Mac with iTunes iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD. We’ll show you how to organize and search your photos by faces and places. Make a movie in minutes or edit with precision. We’ll even show you how to learn to play piano and guitar or record your own music. If your interested in creating a stunning website and publish it anywhere we’ll show you how to conquer that challenge too.

** 1 on 1 sessions are schedule at the request of the client


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David Mosello
Mac Concierge

Don’t want to drag your computer to our store? We understand. Get all the benefits or our Mac-U in the comfort of your own home. Our Mac Specialist will come to your house and train you on your Mac! Cover all the topics discussed in our Mac-U and more, you set the topics and the schedule.

2 hours per month $275

4 hours per month $500

6 hours per month $600