Mac Service
Murray DES is your source for Mac service and maintenance, so you always have someone on your side, keeping your Mac running smoothly.

Service Department

Our team is made up of hand picked, quality Apple Authorized technicians. Trained by Apple with valuable experience in the field, we have experience solving the problems of home users and businesses alike. We have extensive knowledge of Apple products and will help you with all your technical needs.

When you meet with a technician you will become part of the solution and working together will help our technicians gathers information about your system to resolve your issues. If your product requires a repair, we will discuss your options, explain any applicable charges, and begin the repair if possible or check-in your equipment for repair. The initial meeting and diagnosis lasts approximately 15 minutes.


Service Rates
  • In-Store hourly rate: $100.00 (one hour minimum)
  • On-Site hourly rate: $150.00 (one hour minimum)
In-Store Service
An appointment is not necessary – just come in! The only thing we need is your Mac – no displays, keyboards or mice, unless you would like us to take check them too. The diagnosis will be completed in one to three days.

On-Site Service
We will happily send our trained technicians to your home or place of business to diagnose and service your Mac equipment so that you don't have to disconnect and transport your equipment. We'll have you back up and running in no time!

Available Services


1If your machine is having troubling running or just simply not running at peak performance we can help. Our authorized Apple technicians will diagnose and repair your Mac. We provide a flat rate for many repairs.

Repairs and final testing take about one week and will depend mostly on the shipment of needed parts. All of our repairs carry a 30-day warranty.

Hardware Upgrades

2If you need more from your Mac and aren’t ready to invest in a new machine then upgrading your current machine may be your best option. Our staff will access the current status of your machine and advise you on any possible grades to help meet your needs.

We will install any internal or external component such as memory, hard drive, graphics card, optical drive, etc…

Data Recovery

3We provide level 1 and 2 data recovery.

  • Level 1 ($200)
    If your data can be recovered on site it is a flat rate and we only charge upon successful recovery of data.
  • Level 2
    If our onsite data recovery team is unable to recovery your files we will send your hard drive to our partnering data recovery company who will use there Class 100 certified clean room to recover all available data.

Wireless Networking

4Let us setup your home our business Wireless Network. This service includes set-up, configuring and securing your wireless network. In these times it is important to protect your information and hardware from possible hackers as well as stopping others from using your broadband signal. This service is for locations with a current ISP in place.

Complementary services include

  • Enable devices to share the Internet, files, printers and other media (i.e. photos, videos, music, etc.)
  • Add an additional network device.
  • Install and configure networking adapter on devices

Mac Tune-Up ($100)

5This service is for the users who have owned their Apple Computer for some time and feel they are not getting the speed out of their machine they used too. We will perform system diagnosis, update and get your computer working at its maximum speed and performance. This service includes startup optimization, updating, remove unwanted programs and trialware, and create user specific accounts if needed, test and verify Mac’s hardware and operating system software and optimization of hardware functionality.

Mac OS X Migration

6If you have purchased a new Mac and need help moving your information to your new computer we are here to help. We offer different migration options depending on the state your data is in now.

There may also be additional per software charges for migrating 3rd party software such as Outlook, Quickbooks, Quicken etc…
  • Working Mac to Mac Migration ($100)
  • +$30 per 3rd party software transfer
  • Broken Mac with fully functioning hard drive to Mac Migration ($150)
  • +$30 per 3rd party software transfer
  • Time Machine Back-up to Mac Migration ($100)
  • +$30 per 3rd party software transfer
  • Working Windows based machine to Mac Migration ($150)
  • +$50 per 3rd party software transfer
  • Broken Windows based machine to Mac Migration ($250)
  • +$75 per 3rd party software transfer

Spill Cleaning ($250)

7 If any liquid is spilled onto your Mac

  • Immediately shut the computer off by pressing and holding the power key.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Remove the battery if it is a notebook.
  • Disconnect all peripherals (Ex: printers, iPods, displays, camera, scanner, external Hard Drive)
  • If possible lay the computer upside-down on a towel and let liquid drip out.
  • Take notice of what type of liquid was spilled on the machine
  • Bring the machine to Murray DES as soon as possible.


  • Do NOT attempt to turn the unit back on.
  • Do NOT shake the computer
  • Do NOT use a hair dryer on it.
  • Do NOT cry on the computer it will only add more liquid.
We charge a flat rate for cleaning the computer and determining the extent of the spills damage. If your Mac requires a spill cleaning we will completely disassemble it and clean all the needed parts. Then we will reassemble the computer and test it to determine the extent of the damage if any. If damage was sustained by the Mac well call you and discuss your option. You can then make a decision to move on with possible repairs or discuss the possibility of upgrading to a new Mac.

Backup and Data Transfer Services


In-store or On-site
Level 1 ($100)
  • Transfer your current data to an external storage device.
  • 10% off External Hard drive purchased at Murray DES.
Level 2 ($150)
  • Connect hard drive to computer, install and configure software to create a backup schedule that fits your needs
  • Create initial backup
  • 10% off External Hard drive purchased at Murray DES.
Level 3 ($200)
  • Combination of Level 1 or Level 2 Back-up plus the creation of a Murray DES Mac Restore Point.
  • Up to 50GB ($50)
  • 51-125GB ($100)
  • 125GB and Up ($200)
Software Install

9For any new software you would like to have installed or any software that is not functioning correctly we will access your computers compatibility with the software, Install or Reinstall and configure one software. We will also perform any necessary software updates and titles icon to dock.
This does NOT include software.

Computer Recycling

10It is not safe or environmentally friendly to just put your old computer in the trash. We will take you old computer and recycle it for you if you are purchasing a new computer from us. If your computer is still in working order, you may also be eligible to trade it in for credit toward a new machine.

We also accept your old iPods for recycling in working condition or not – for free, environmentally friendly disposal.

If you are unsure why it’s not best to simply put your old computer in the trash here is a good article from the National Resources Defense Council explaining the issues. There are many other articles on the Internet about the global problem of e-waste.

Professional Services

Our professional services are designed to help you in the development and support of your business’ technology. We will help you overcome the challenges your business faces day to day and help you plan for challenges that will come with time and growth. Our team provides timely support that keeps you up and running and will keep down time to a minimum.

Service Contracts

For a small or medium size business trying to maintain hardware and software can be a major challenge. Depending on the size of the company they also may not be able to afford a fill time, trained IT staff. Here at Murray DES we offer a complete solution. Our service department will address all your technical issues and be there for you when you need us even if all you need is to call the help desk.

Remote Support and Monitoring – We also offer more advanced solutions that will allow us to monitor and control your servers and personal computers remotely. This allows us to make instant virtual house calls.

Server and Network Support – If you have or need a more advanced network architecture then most small business our staff is more then capable to meet your needs.

For an all-inclusive service plan, check out our flexible line of Service Contracts. To request more information on Service Contract plans to meet your needs, please contact us to setup an appointment.

Consulting Services

We will schedule a free consultation where our lead consultant will come to your location to design an efficient solution with you. They will review your current devices and make recommendations of integration options, upgrades and purchases.